Unique Group

international management


We are a specialist oil trading company with experts dealing in niche product lines traditionally offered only to larger companies.


Our customer base is made up of small and medium sized businesses whose operations are either directly or indirectly affected by movements in oil price.


Our success is based on creating simple solutions in the face of complex issues.

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Across all industrial sectors, the world's leading companies turn to us for our expertise and experience. Unique Group has worked with industrial companies on thousands of cases addressing a broad range of management challenges. We are focused from day one on helping our industrial clients mobilize their organizations to deliver results.


We expand on a daily basis bringing our clients further expert management services.


Management &                  Services




Unique Group and combined partner companies is a world renowned global logistics company offering world-class express logistics services across the UK and internationally.


Associated with the world's largest & leading couriers, airlines & shipping lines, Voyager can deliver your freight to over 360 destinations worldwide with a service that is perfectly tailored to you and your demands.

Our UK Automotive practice has over 120 sector specialists working with global organisations, multinationals, UK companies, privately owned businesses, entrepreneurs and industry organisations. We are an integral part of our global automotive network giving our experts access to industry specialists in over 140 countries.


Through our range of services, we assist organisations to manage their performance, operate sustainably, review suppliers and supply chain risk, explore opportunities in emerging markets and low cost sourcing.




Financial Services

Unique Group of comanies providing financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients globaly. Our partners are present in all major financial centers and have offices in over 50 countries.

In the United Kingdom, we offer wealth management, investment banking and asset management services.


Unique Group of companies provides government and commercial clients the expertise and functional support they need to successfully accomplish missions in challenging environments.


With operational experience in 6 countries, including strong roots in Central Asia, our flexible international workforce of multidisciplinary professionals is prepared to provide a wide range of program management and technical services.


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End-User Products

Unique Group of companies are in partnership and agreement with over 500 varient comapanies providing manufactured products. We supply first hand products to end-users with upmost competitive prices.


We have the supply chain in place for almost any product requested by our customer globaly.

our experts provide initial concept management for any newly produced or improved products.